Self-funded services

RDNS is with you every step of your healthcare journey. We’re out in the community, making sure everybody has access to our services. How we get to provide these services is through a combination of government funding and client fees. These fees are determined by the National Home and Community Care (HACC) fees policy.

If you’re not eligible for HACC-funded services, RDNS is here to help. We can provide the home nursing or home support services you need on a self-funded basis. Basically, you can receive private home nursing in the place of your choice.

More about self-funded services

As a paid provider of healthcare services, RDNS has a range of health professionals and support workers on hand to make sure you receive the treatment and support you need, including registered nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, personal care workers and any other health professionals you may need.

Services RDNS provides

  • aged care (including services in residential care facilities)
  • acute care post hospitalisation, including ‘Hospital in the Home’
  • assessment services

If your home healthcare is covered by private health insurance, or if you’d like to explore all the private home care options available, contact RDNS to discuss your situation.