Infection control in the home

Healthcare in the home is a complex concept. Homes are not hospitals and there are some special challenges for our staff in preventing any potential transmission of infections.

An RDNS infection prevention and control consultant can help by providing you, your carers and healthcare workers with confidential advice, education and support.

At home, the environment is controlled by the client and their carers. It is therefore RDNS’ responsibility to make sure everyone understands the importance of maintaining excellent infection prevention and control practices at all times.

Infection preventation and control in the home setting is based on the principles of hygiene, cleanliness and safe waste and needle disposal practices.

There are 4 easy steps to follow to prevent the spread of infection.

  1. Clean your hands
  2. Practice safe with needle and waste disposal
  3. Avoid close contact with other people if you are sick
  4. Keep immunisations up to date