Hospital in the Home

Sometimes hospital patients might need a period of on-going nursing care but don’t necessarily need to be in hospital to receive this care. In these cases, you can go home and be treated by the Hospital-in-the-Home program. The hospital pays for home nursing services from RDNS so you can still receive the care you need without having to be stuck in hospital.

If you are on this program, our nursing staff can assist you by:

  • monitoring your post-operative recovery
  • attending wound care
  • providing intravenous therapy, usually for antibiotics or chemotherapy
  • helping you manage severe pain
  • providing general nursing care

Criteria for Hospital-in-the-Home programs?

There are certain conditions that need to be met for you to receive Hospital-in-the-Home’ services (i.e. for complex technical care such as intravenous therapy for antibiotics or chemotherapy or complex wound care):

  • the hospital must provide 24-hour medical backup and a contact phone number or arrange for your general practitioner to be available to make home visits if required
  • the hospital must be able to re-admit you if problems arise that cannot be managed at home
  • the hospital must provide all ‘consumables’ (e.g. bandages, syringes etc) required to provide your care
  • you need to have a 24-hour carer available, either living with you or living nearby
  • your home must have a telephone
  • your home environment must be safe for you and our staff.

How can I access this service?

It is the role of the hospital staff caring for you to make all the arrangements for Hospital-in-the-Home services. Plans are usually started several days before discharge, and equipment and medications for the next few days will be sent home with the patient. If you or the hospital staff need more information contact 1300 633 933.