Getting to Know Me – a dementia training package

This self-directed online dementia education package has been designed to enhance the knowledge of clinicians working with people who have dementia.

No special background knowledge or understanding of dementia is required.

On completion of this learning experience it is expected you will:

  1. Have a greater understanding of dementia and causes of dementia
  2. Understand the principles of person-centred dementia care
  3. Communicate better with people with dementia
  4. Understand how environment can impact on someone with dementia
  5. Understand the opportunities for people with dementia and value the expertise their family and friends can offer
  6. Have an improved understanding about how to respond to those displaying behaviours as a means to communicate their needs

Getting Started

The course consists of six sessions. Each session consists of a number of slides for you to read and reflect upon. You may wish to take notes as you progress through the slides to make a list of subject matter that you would like to pursue further with self-directed learning. Some of the sessions are supported by short videos. The videos share an overview of the lived experience of people currently experiencing dementia or alongside someone with dementia. These videos are an integral part of your learning experience and should be viewed as prompted throughout the session.

The sessions can be viewed one by one at your convenience or collectively in one sitting. The length of time to complete this course will vary, from learner to learner, dependant on your past experience in the area of dementia care.

To begin the course, simply click on Session 1 to open the slide show.

You will need to click separately on the relevant videos when indicated throughout the session.

Once the course work is completed, you may wish to refer to the resource material provided at the bottom of this webpage. In the resources section you will also find a CPD points template that can be used to record the time taken to complete the package.

Dementia an introduction – Session 1

Pt. 1 – Introductions – video

Principles of person centred dementia care – Session 2

Communicating with people with dementia – Session 3

Pt. 2 – Communications – video

Pt. 3 – What Is It Like To Have Dementia – video

The clinical environment and its impact on people with dementia – Session 4

Pt. 4 – What Is It Like To Be In Hospital When You Have Dementia – video

Discovering ways to meaningfully occupy people with dementia and valuing the expertise of friends and family – Session 5

Pt. 5 – Supporting The Person And Their Family – video

‘Getting to Know Me’ leaflet

Understanding and responding to behaviours that challenge – Session 6

Pt. 6 – Final Messages 1 – video

Pt. 7 – Final Messages 2 – video

Pt. 8 – Final Messages 3 – video


‘Enhancing skills in the care of people with dementia’ booklet (30 pages)

10 tips to improve communication with people with dementia

‘Dementia: Taking the Next Step’; Alzheimer’s Australia Vic – video

Dementia Training Package Evaluation Form

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Verification Form