Skin Health Program

RDNS is excited to establish a new partnership with Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) for a new and important skin health project.

Funded by Trajan, the Council on the Ageing (COTA) and RDNS are collaborating to develop a volunteer peer education program in skin health.

The Skin Health Program will be designed to highlight the importance of both skin care and understanding how skin changes as people age. Key evidence based messages will be used to educate community members on the topic of skin health in a low-technology, highly interactive way.

To develop the program, a skin health toolkit will be developed to enable peer educators to aid adult interactive learning in a way that is relevant and useful for community members and will include simple flash cards and take-home reminder pamphlets to reinforce key messages.

In line with RDNS’ commitment to improving the accessibility of healthcare for culturally and linguistically diverse communities, five different cultural communities will be among those to receive the skin health education at local centres around Victoria by COTA peer educators.

With a diverse workforce at its Melbourne headquarters and around the world, Trajan is eager to support the Skin Health Program.

Skin health is an important area of health care and RDNS is grateful for Trajan's funding to implement the project.

Trajan Scientific and Medical is an Australian-owned company specializing in pathology supplies and the manufacturing of high-precision complex components used in analytical science and for diagnostic applications.

This project is funded by Trajan Scientific and Medical Pty Ltd.