Talking Books

Talking Books

RDNS has produced a series of Talking Books. Each book has a number of information sheets on different health topics. The information provided is to help you look after yourself.

How to use the RDNS Talking Books

You can read the information or listen to it. With the translated talking books you can read or listen to the information in your language, as well as read it in English. You can also print off any sheets you would like to read later on.

Tips for use:

  • Don’t try to cover too much information.
  • Look at the list of topics and choose what you are interested in.
  • Ask your nurse or health worker any questions you have about the information
  • Ask for an interpreter if this would help you

To listen to the talking book in your language, click on the link below.
(Note: Depending on your internet speed, the talking books may take some time to load)

‘Information on Medicines in English’ talking book

‘Information on type 2 Diabetes in Greek’ talking book

‘Information on type 2 Diabetes in Italian’ talking book

‘Information on type 2 Diabetes in Macedonian’ talking book

‘Information on type 2 Diabetes in Vietnamese’ talking book

‘Information on Dementia in Vietnamese’ talking book